Work Search: His orgasm slowly retreating as he kept trying to squirm and get something, anything out of Dream. The taller cleaned up the rest of their bodies before trashing the wipes and heading out the room for a moment, "I'll be right back." (LIME) This book is a very OLD book. 51 parts Ongoing . corpse husband x fem!oc [ st. DNF Oneshots. 16. He reached a hand below the brunet, grabbing and stroking him in time with his movements. 15. Clay continued delicately brushing his nose against George's neck while running his hands against George's stomach; grinding slightly against the smaller while waiting for an answer. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content; Archive of Our Dreamnotfound smutshots Magiccookieboi, trashboijules. Relying on the memory of a whirlwind first love (and unhealed heartbreak) five years ago, George uses his pain to create an overnight hit that shoots them both into the limelight. 7. Neon City aka: George is forced to live with Dream and they slowly become friends ;), I understand. He brought a hand back to the tallers hair, running his hands through the blonds mess of locks and chuckling when the other hummed. A lone bullet that begged for bloodshed, and Dream insisted he would let it rip into his cortex. His tone brought a smile to the taller males face. "Mng-." It was cute. He was destined to die alone, survivors guilt weighing him down like the world on Atlas shoulders. "You gonna show me what gets you off, now?". "You were already stretched earlier, right?" Clay groaned, slowly pulling out and watching as his seed began to seep from George's hole. a story in which a stone cold heart learns to love again. George whimpered, moaning as the hand stopped him from cumming. 6. Catharsis, or something close to it. 21. Alternate ending for adrenaline rush, by souhiyori. Coding Assistance The smaller cried out, gripping the sheets near his head as his body jolted forward; being held in place with the hand on his hip. The taller groaned as he felt his own release nearing; "Y-You wanna be a g-good boy for me r-right baby?" The taller smirked, the adorable tremble in the others words was so cute; he let go of the boy's chin and ruffled the fluffy brown locks on his head instead. This was a test from George - a chance for Dream to take back his power. He straightened one of his arms, holding the gun out. I see youre in second place. Dream said plainly, his tone unreadable as his hand slipped into Georges pants, flicking the waistband of Georges boxers between his fingers. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content; Archive of Our Own beta. Clay gave off an intimidating demeanor to George right now, especially since he knew he was in for it; after having lied and been bad while the other was away. But he simply fluttered his eyes - letting out a breathless: "No.". F44_9, StrawberryShortcvke, nyanbread, LoggyAshlyRD, Akumaby, chelseaalolz, Nest_Avadavat, Alphalaudje, Theoneintheair, lise2202, romancefangirl, mellow5hfr3, youreverydaytransboi, Idropkickorphansforfree, Yamyumye, f1nleywasfound, Chloenotfoundxd, Caatnipp, 1pxmpkxn1, Robbie_609, freakinthecorner, chezzza, Vzrivokiller, xiaomi_kaeyan, Sadstarchild40, Fenix753, Kikithebeast77, eGFcmUAX1, Cyinthia, Noah_nooa, kristenbowman, British_person, Tuubboat, Galaxy_Snow, Kilmon, Isabella_Magnolia, i_read_too_much_shit, Avocado_cookie, bee_go_buzz, Melina_Br, breme_lexis, ThatSly_Jaymer, Paytonalamo, bossman_smiley, azul091805, dreamspphole, SharingisntKaren, cybersaori, PillowKnight, Maybehelp, and 466 more users No these are not about me and these didn't happen to me but you ever just need a good cry or 'relatable' thing that makes you emotional. "Will you run from me?" ", only focusing on the other's touch. Camboy Right? He came back to George, quickly slipping a shirt, boxers and sweatpants onto himself before helping George into his own comfy outfit; giving the brunet one of his hoodies to get cozy. It's been two years since the Dream Team broke up. Theres also Snf & Knf. George panted, still on his edge. His heart tugged at the thought, swinging the door open and stepping into the house. Awh come on now George, you dont want to cum all over yourself right now, right? Complete. "More like bi-curious," he echoes, smiling, before melting his own timbre into something warmer, wetter. Please consider turning it on! George shuddered, though he didnt protest to Dreams advances. George moved his arms to lean more comfortably against the wall. He swiftly pulled them off, George letting out a squeak at the sudden coldness and how exposed he felt; knowing the taller was probably looking him over right now. Out of his depth amongst the urban mishmash and deep within enemy territory, he finds an unexpected ally in a group of bed-breakers calling themselves Nolife. But instead, George had snuck his way into Dreams heart and made him forget just how dangerous it was to let a hunter do that. tip: "sherlock (tv)" m/m NOT "sherlock holmes/john watson", 1. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. Aside being famous for the Hero Committee, an organization to fight back against crime in the city and so many unexpected and downright supernatural things happened over the years, including, but not limited to:-having monster attacks on a near daily basis do to a supposed "tare in dimensions"-the so called "Night of the Dead", an event that happens every fifty years where spirits at peace get to visit earth for 12 hours-a possible crime ring in the city. George nodded up to him with an excited smile, "Ok, I'll get everything unpacked." That seems generous of me doesn't it?" This condition, called encompassing empathy, doesnt just cause Dream to sense the emotions of people around him; Dreams empathy forces him to feel their emotions too. 18. DreamNotFound Smut One Shots By yours truly, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Clay | Dream/GeorgeNotFound (Video Blogging RPF). George cried out, well as much as he could with the air restraint; screaming in pleasure as his eyes rolled back, painting the comforter with this seed as his prostate was abused and his length was jerked off through his orgasm. 26. "Fuck, that's it George." They'll still look good on you but you won't have to wear the rougher materials when we're not doing anything 'exciting'." Movie Night The air was almost knocked out of him; gasping as he landed on his stomach with the weight of the other behind him, his hands beside his own head. 15 Minutes If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). The sky grew dark and cloudy as the beginnings of a storm took place. You know the entire thing about them being comfortable about this and taking it down if they want i. dnf smut + fluff. George licked his lips swallowing down his smile, bringing his bottom lip in and biting it in anticipation. Or, Dnf are faced with a game in squid craft where one must kill the other, no way out. George squeezed his eyes shut, moaning around the length as it continued to hit the back of his throat, tears falling down his face once again. left kudos on this work! Ongoing. This work could have adult content. For now these are just gonna be random and I'll focus more on my other book but this is mainly a way for me to write out my mental health. Clay smiled, so good for me, he thought while bringing the other bags next to where George set his. They begin to fall in love, but not every story has a happy ending. George let out a somewhat sigh of relief, catching his breath and rubbing at his sore neck; the blond turning him over so he was on his back. Work Search: He shook his head 'no' and flipped me on my back so he was hovering over me. his voice was deep, George whimpering at it; it was firm with authority and made his legs weak. Welcome to the Wattpad version of my Ao3 Kinktober-shots! "Good boy." Clay narrowed his eyes a bit at George; cupping the bottom of the brunet's chin and tilting his head up, the smaller gasping a bit but looking up completely. Told y'all i do my research), Clay looked back to George, approaching the smaller and placing a hand on his hip; the other hand carefully traced the object around George's ass, the leather moving around in a comforting yet fearful way. What happens when George Notfound starts having dreams of his past lives? george looked up at dream, following his staring eyes down to his . 8. He was so focused he couldnt hear the footsteps approaching behind him. Please consider turning it on! George whimpered, looking forward to the wall; unable to see what Clay was doing behind him. More Than Sweet Dreams sequel to bbr. Little Black Box George shakily nodded, yeah he was stretched from the toy not stretched enough for the others packing length; both of them knew that, yet they both seemed to want it badly enough. I was heavily breathing and whimpering. Birthday Boy 9. You heard the place you loved was in trouble, so you came back, but I dontI justwhy didnt you take me? Here it was, at last. Holy fuck this was so much. Stay After Class George gulped, looking at the small object as small memories of what he did earlier flooded his head. Their constant teasing and flirting was starting to seem a little more real. SOUNDS GOOD FEELS GOOD , corpse husband. I would have given you your vengeance on a silver platter. "You want to tell me what you really did while I was gone?" Tears pricked the corners of his eyes, his face as red as the spot he was hit. Clay was panting as he used the brunet's mouth, chasing his orgasm until he felt it build up; then he pulled out. 75 guests Hi :) I used to post all my oneshots on Wattpad but as you can see, it was a bitch and deleted my book so now I shall post there and here as well. The taller groaned, "L-Look at you begging; g-good boy.". The hand rested against the wall, picked his gun back up from the cord, sweeping it up from its absent-minded hovering over the black floor. Third-Person POV: Dream stood in a wide open field, somewhere hidden well in Rome. He despises his condition. George is an amazing guitarist and singer. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). "I'm gonna go wash my hands, then we can make dinner together. 23. Ongoing. his voice was scratchy, Clay chuckling a bit. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Dream realizes that he has some kind of feelings for George. Clay noticed the small vibrator still inside George, reaching for it and taking it out; momentarily pressing it against the boy's prostate before it was removed completely. George moaned out quietly as Dream continued to stroke his dick. Clenching the handle tight, he accidentally pulled the trigger the light firing into the air. George hummed, his eyes closing again as he was left tiredly on the bed. The black sleek of the plastic gun was engulfed in the blue LED lights every few seconds. Un tas de sentiments le traversaient. Georges stillness indicated that he wasnt going to protest either. Or will history once again repeat itself? As he did, he looked down and smiled at the sight of George on his knees; happily smiling up to him. i'm gonna write some one shots, this includes smut, angst, fluff, and random storie. 2. Dream smirked, feeling Georges compliance to him. Clay hummed, moving his hands to the waistband of George's pants and hooking his fingers under them; moving off the other. And, despite knowing better, Dream let him. Before George could whine anymore; the other pushed his length in, filling up the smaller as he tugged on the leash. Will things be different when they meet in person? Clay quickly caught on, grabbing both of the boy's wrists and putting them behind his back; the brunet's face pushing into the comforter. The taller unbuttoned and unzipped his pants; pulling them down along with his boxers, groaning as his hard member was released from its constraints. Clay looked back to George who was tiredly watching him with a smile; he walked up to the boy, picking him up carefully, knowing he was sore and walking back to the bed. He just looked tired. George looked up with lustfully dark eyes, his tongue lolled out of his mouth with the blonds precum pooled on it before he swallowed. He planted a soft kiss between Georges shoulder blades before he let go of George, walking backwards. Ongoing. Ongoing, First published Oct 06, 2021 His hips moved and rocked against Dreams hand, careful not to move his back too much. Late Night Dancer He brought the paddle back one last time, slapping the tender and red skin as George moaned loudly. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content DNF Smutshots by xxELoverxx Fandoms : 17 Apr 2022. 24. Dream gripped Georges dick tighter, pushing against his hips to stop his movement. The smaller could feel himself leaking precum down the blonds hand, Clay himself leaned near George's ear. as well as Clay peppered gentle kisses along the smallers body, wanting to pamper him after having their rough fun. Dreams hands were dangerously close to his semi-hard dick. 14. DreamNotFound is the slash ship between Dream and GeorgeNotFound from the Dream SMP fandom. Little Black Box "F-Fuck t-there!" Georges movements slowed as Dreams speeded up. George moaned loudly, able to feel a heat pooling in his stomach as he was fucked roughly and jerked off at the same pace. Chapter Text. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. before tossing the keys from his pocket to the counter and heading off to the bathroom. George is trying desperately to hide his feelings for Dream. Clay growled as he grabbed the small object from his pocket, holding it up with two fingers near both their heads; George looked at it and widening his eyes even more before tearily looking at the blond in front of him, holding Clay's arm that was hooked on his collar. George runs from royalty and crashes in the house of a thief - what follows is a mixture of feels, love, lust and fear. Clay slowed his hand on George's member while losing his tight hold on the leash to allow the boy to breath, both moaning as the smaller was filled up while coming down from their highs. Will Dream's emotions get the better of him? All he knew was he finally had his body back (maybe? Chapter Text. He gulped, able to feel the slight pull on the leather around his neck; seeing the black rope that led from it to the blond's hand, wrapped around the tan and veiny hand. 30 minutes on the clock. as well as "Fine but I'm gonna start getting you some softer ones to wear around the house, too. When Dream decides to keep his empathy a secret from George, he doesn't realize what he's getting himself into. George's cheeks seemed to tint red a bit, "Y-Yes." Dreamnotfound/DNF smutshots. TikTok video from 3 (@lime.bed): "ff1970 was the ff that broke my non-crying streak #dreamnotfound #dnf #dnffanfic #fanfic #fanficiton #wattpad #ao3 #dsmp #mcyt". "Fine, be that way.". George hates Tea, Dream hates Georges boyfriend. The blonde ran one of his hands down Georges body, finding his waist and tapping his fingers against it. 42 parts. The taller flushed a bit, "S-Sorry, guess I missed one." George gasped as his chest remained pressed against the bed but his ass was lifted in the air; Clay spread the boy's legs apart to get an even better view. The two boys giggled at their own stupidness as George sat down infront of Clay. Watch popular content from the . I Hate You Too His own laser gun still in his hand. A certain small item was lying next to it, as though it had been rinsed and was left out to dry. George could only hope that dreams hand found its way there on its expedition. George moaned loudly, his eyes rolling back slightly; his air was restricted, his arms were tied up on his back, his face was practically buried in the comforter and he could feel the burning stretch of the others member until he bottomed out. But George had unearthed it all with his soft smiles and even softer lies. mostly) and no way to tell anyone that whatever Night had done wasn't him. ATTENTION::: i am in no way shipping them irl, only their online personas bc i love the dynamic ^^, tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Clay | Dream/GeorgeNotFound (Video Blogging RPF), Clay | Dream/GeorgeNotFound/Sapnap (Video Blogging RPF), GeorgeNotFound/Sapnap (Video Blogging RPF). Chapter 1: Best Friend Chapter Text. George questions softly, leaning forward, fingers cupping the larger man's chin, lifting his gaze to meet him - lips hovering close to Dream's, there was intimate eye contact - the kind that would make even the most prudent person surrender. The object in his hand was pulled away but just like that it came back; slapping against George's bare ass with a slap. "But I'm ok, it felt really good.". Mature. He could almost feel the orgasm at his tip, just a little bit more and he was going to fly off the handle in front of everyone. "T-Ten, p-please!" Thats the thing about Dream, he has this presence that makes George feel instantly at ease. The former bounty hunter is left with the shattered pieces of his old life and what was once the tender bond arising between him and a masked outlaw.In the meantime, Sapnap gives in to a mysterious draw into another world, and Bad discovers the existence of a dark prophecy looming like an impending thunderstorm over the kingdom of Carnsworth.While George and his friends drift apart in the time of a rising war, the young man learns of the importance of loyalty and trust, and that his way might take a direction that is more predetermined than he ever thought. The taller hummed happily, wrapping a hand around the boy's waist and pressing a kiss to George's temple. The sight was arousing, satisfying him; he looked to George, quickly untying the boy's arms and tossing the ribbon away. His other hand moving down, close to Georges awaiting dick. Time. Stay After Class "Clay, we've talked about this; it's ok, I like the collars and the leash. Some things or writings are VERY outdated. Chapter 1: dreamnotfound. George had already begun unpacking the food items, putting some away so they didn't go bad. Maybe it didn't matter.They would care, very much so, but the problem was that they didn't know. dreamnotfound smutshots ao3489 army dr, barrigada, gu 96913489 army dr, barrigada, gu 96913 Anything you'd like; we could have pasta or steak or so-." Ice Cubes and Burns Summary: Smutshots and oneshots. A small smile found tugged on the edges of Georges lip, daring to break though. The brunet hummed, shivering a bit at the cold but he felt cleaner. He returned to the brunet, grabbing out some wipes and cleaning them both off; making sure to be gentle where he was sensitive. After two long years, the day that George has thought to be the happiest of his life takes a dark turn. Both of his hands were on the gun, like how it was required. Oh and Clay was, admiring the boys beautiful body; tossing the pants and boxers to the side, lifting George's shirt up a good bit before tearing it off; leaving the smaller completely naked besides the collar of course. The taller smiled against his neck, "Good. The brunet tightened around the toy inside him, it felt good but he knew he was here for his bad behavior. "O-Ok" The taller smirked at the response, he reached a free hand to the object still inside George; pressing a small button as it began buzzing inside the brunet, "Good; now count.". When Arianna marries billionaire Zach Price to save her family, she doesn't expect to fall in love. 27. Coding Assistance Clay reached for the bottle of lube once more, squirting some onto his already slimy hand; capping the bottle and tossing it to the side. Work Search: When Dream woke up in a prison cell he didn't know where he was. "holy shit." dream panted out. What happens when he meets the exact look alike of the boy from his dreams? 24. "This is new." Their dynamic has always been like that: A push and pull; a safe space. Camboy He moved some things around before settling on something they both enjoyed; it was a new toy that was meant to be a surprise for George but what better time to use it than now. Work Search: Clay looked down as the boy rested the palms of his hands on his thighs, looking up with shimmering eyes. In a world where respawns are bought with donator ranks, Dream travels to the great city of Hypixel in a last ditch attempt to break his hunters bed before George can kill him for the first and final time. "I'm good, tired and s-sore." He looked at it in his hands before clenching his fingers around it and running to their bedroom which was right across from the upstairs bathroom. George nodded, gritting his teeth as the pleasure only continued to build; "Y-Yes!" 20. "Well?" they both were catching their breath, george gripping dreams back harshly, trying to adjust. 4h 38m. Fuck, Dream! (Just remembered that's a heat waves reference, whoops) George threw all self control out the window as his sentences fell to begs to the blond, barely able to get words out as all his mind could focus on was the pleasure he was receiving. as well as "You were bad George, you lied." Maybe they wouldn't care, anyway. I don't give two shits about hate. Dreams arms slowly found the wall beside Georges head, he leaned in his lips beside Georges ear. "Y-Yeah, I-I'm good." "F-Fuck, s-so c-close." Ongoing. After Hours He headed to the bedroom door, shoving the wrapped up leash in his back pocket and putting the object he found in his other back pocket; trotting down the stairs. Nolife has a secret, and their eccentric leader seems to know far more about the Enderdragon and respawn than an ordinary player should. He squirmed, clenching his fists. 21. He kept his back pressed against the wall. 12. I would have hunted them down with you, Philza, the people who did that to your town. As he turned it, he could hear some footsteps from upstairs; feet running down the steps to get to the living room. There wasnt even an accompanying bullet so George could shoot himself afterwards and free himself from the shackled misery of the capitalistic games. Jealousy 3. The blond tossed the paddle aside, massaging the sore skin while George whimpered; trying to reach down with one of his hands to stroke his member. He wasn't worried until he felt something small grazing right below his tailbone; the soft silicone moving against his skin until it was teasing against the outside of George's hole. Birthday Boy It took George a moment to process what the other said but before he could speak, the hand on his hip and the body behind him, pushed him down onto the bed. Ongoing. Ongoing. And, on top of that complication, something was different between the two lately. George had worked hard to snatch his spot in second place, but Dream had worked harder winning the game by a land slide. Clay removed his shirt and shoes, tossing them away as he looked back to the box on his nightstand. In which I take two of my most favorite things and smash them together. Please consider turning it on! The blond flicked on the light, heading towards the sink and flipping on the faucet while looking up at the mirror. Only a pellet of metal inside an otherwise empty chamber. Dream leaned over to Georges level, allowing himself to drop the gun so his hand could rest on the wall, pinning George against it. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. 25. Home Early It's all smut oneshots on dreamnotfound, they have said their cool with it and these are fun lol. I'm Working "F-Fuck." Bad Boy Summer. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. "M-More!" George bucked his hips into Dreams cold hand, he clenched his eyes closed tight. I felt my orgasm come and I sprayed cum all over my stomach, Clay kept fucking up my ass, hard thrusts until I felt a warm substance in my insides. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). The paddle rubbed over the spot it hit, giving George a moment to regain his breath before his breathing quickly became shaky again, pleasure going off inside him. Clay took it he was ready, pulling almost all the way out before slamming back in; George crying out at the sudden movement. He jumped as hands found their way to his shoulders blades, pushing him against the wall beside them, back into hiding. DNF Oneshots // Dreamnotfound. Not long after, a green lit shone on the wall accompanying his own dark blue lights. Dig into the past and rekindle forgotten memories, or die trying. Clay rummaged in the pocket of his jeans, looking for the set of keys to open the door in front of him. -Language Warning -I won't use any real names, just because I'm. or, dnf and the love language of quality time. "How you doing?" "F-Fuck, t-three!" DreamNotFound Smutshots DreamNotFoundFan. The spanking sent heat rushing through his veins; the spot it hit burning as he whimpered. 5. Clay retracted the object once more, bringing it back down on the same spot as George cried out once again. He is forced to make new friends and soon forgets about him. The taller lowly cleared his throat, the brunet turning around a lighting up at the sight of him. George's mouth fell open but before any words left him, the small toy was pushed into him; making him gasp and whimper slightly. [DreamNotFound] Fanfiction Donc..tu veux qu'on parte en voyage. He squirmed trying to get more friction against his dick as the familiar knot in his stomach started to form and twist. I take requests,illl write just about whatever. Footsteps echoed through the hall as he noticed the orange lights of another player illuminating from the opposing end. Quiet Baby Since you lied to me, touched yourself without me there and did it without permission. 56 parts. Sapnap and George had been competing for second place the entire game. "Were you a good boy while I was gone?" While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. George slowly pulled himself up starting to get himself together, adjusting his pants as his vest spoke, announcing his personal score. 45 parts. The sky grew dark and cloudy as the beginnings of a storm took place. 8 parts. He wrapped the silky material around George's forearms multiple times until the rope ended and he tied a bow; now leaving the smaller with his arms tied up behind his back. Well hey there ratatata, I dont know what used to be on this page so I'm gonna do my best to remember. His orgasm was so close he could feel it. George took a shaky breath, the soothing way the object in Clay's hand was running along his skin was giving him chills; full of anticipation. Comments: 178 Kudos: 1317 Bookmarks: 125 Hits: 77681. in which george is too nice for his own good and goes to his exs wedding. George bit into his lip drawing blood before opening his mouth, silently screaming as he felt himself fall at the edge. George always used to insist that if it came down to this, they would both eat the poisoned berry, let its fatal chemicals circulate their bloodstreams and slowly kill them, so that they may die hand in hand. 5. 7. Dream noticed the abnormal behavior from George and allowed his pace to quicken, doing his best to bring George to the edge. Please consider turning it on! Were in public, have some modesty. Dream degraded softly before pulling his hand out of Georges boxers slowly, caressing Georges hip bone as he pulled his hand out. 18. Ever since he was born, hes been able to read the emotions of those around him- an incredibly rare side affect of ADHD. I dont give two shits about hate. Clay smirked, rubbing the paddle where he hit before doing it again as George cried out the number; almost moaning it out as he shook.