Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The winners have bragging rights to being The Best In Florida. Visit the event hub for exclusive event coverage including on-demand routine videos, interviews, highlights, results and more! At this time, you will sign all necessary Bid Intentions. For your convenience we have secured attendee blocks throughout the city with amazing rates specifically for Varsity All Star customers. The Dance Worlds will now be held May 6-7, 2021 and The Cheerleading Worlds on May 8-10, 2021. Cheer and dance teams from all over the world may qualify to compete in either Senior or International divisions. It's the most prestigious college cheer and dance championship in the country, and it all takes place April 27-28 at the ESPN . Please click the link below for more information! 9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819 . "UT":"Utah","VT":"Vermont","VA":"Virginia","WA":"Washington", Orlando, Florida. For more information, please visit: Concessions will be available throughout the venue. "OR":"Oregon","PA":"Pennsylvania","RI":"Rhode Island", Celebrating 11 years, The Summit Championship brings all levels of Junior & Senior all star athletes together from across the world to compete head to head for this prestigious end-of-season title. S. 2 Day option Competitions: Huron- November 2022.REGISTRATION. Dates: April 30-May 2, 2021. Specially priced packages have been created for your trip to Universal Orlando Resort. Orange County Convention Center West document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2022 CheerTheory, LLC - All Rights Reserved, The Cheerleading Worlds 2022 Final Results, The D2 Summit 2021 Wild Card Round Results, The D2 Summit 2021 Finals Round Results, The Cheerleading Worlds 2021 Semi-Finals Results, The D2 Summit 2021 Semi-Finals Round Results, CheerTheorys 2021 Gym Ranking Based on Cheerleading Worlds Titles, The Cheerleading Worlds 2021 Prelims Results, 1 Pacific Coast Magic Irvine Fearless 137.3, 2 The California All Stars Mesa Vixens 136.8, 3 University Cheer Force Firestorm 134.65, 4 Twist & Shout Edmond Obsession 132.4, 6 Cheer Express Allstars Miss Silver 130.1, 7 Diamonds All Stars BOMBSHELLS 128.7, 1 GymTyme Illinois GymTyme Illinois Fever 144.25, 3 Upper Merion All Stars Royals 138.75, 4 Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz 136.55, 7 Cheer Athletics Austin OnyxCats 133.65, 8 The California All Stars Ontario Blue Crew 133.1, 3 The California All Stars- San Marcos Lady Bullets 133.45, 5 New Jersey Spirit Explosion FAB5 130.45, 6 FAME All Stars VA Beach ENVY 120.65, 1 Brandon All-Stars Senior Black 145.8, 5 The California All Stars Camarillo SMOED 131.7, 9 Macs Allstar Cheer Senior Starz 129.15, 1 The Stingray All Stars Peach 144.15, 2 Woodlands Elite OR Generals 139.85, 4 East Celebrity Elite Bombshells 132.15, 7 Cheer Savannah Allstars Lady Lace 126.3, 9 Midwest Cheer Elite Toledo Galaxy Girls 112.25, 1 Woodlands Elite OR Black Ops 144.5, 2 The California All Stars Livermore Black Ops 143.85, 3 Cheer Extreme Raleigh SMOEX 143.3, 4 ACE Cheer Company BHM Warriors 140.1, 6 East Celebrity Elite Hingham Black Diamonds 128.5, 7 Connect Cheer Northwest Twilight 126.65, 10 Premier Athletics Knoxville JAWS 119.25, 1 The Stingray All Stars Orange 143.4, 4 Cheer Athletics Plano PANTHERS 130.7, 3 Cheer Athletics Plano CHEETAHS 130.9, 1 Central Jersey All Stars Bombshells 141.1, 2 Stars Vipers San Antonio Miss Hiss 137.35, 3 The Stingray All Stars Apple 132.95, 8 Virginia Royalty Athletics DIAMONDS 113.8, 9 Fire & Ice Allstars Lady Ice 104.55, 2 The Stingray All Stars Electric 135.55, 3 CheerVille Athletics HV Anarchy 131.8, 4 The California All Stars Las Vegas Aces 126.05, 6 Legacy Xtreme All Stars BOOMSLANG 124.05, 7 Top Gun All Stars Royal Jags 117.45, 8 Florida Top Dog All Stars RAIN 115.85, 10 Woodlands Elite OR GunSmoke 108.8, 1 Cheer Athletics Plano WILDCATS 146.3, 2 The California All Stars- San Marcos Cali Coed 139.4, 3 Uknight training center Royals 128.35, 5 Charlotte Allstar Cheerleading Teal 128.15, 6 FAME All Stars Midlo Vengeance 126.2, 7 Central Jersey All Stars Open Fire 117.1, 9 Cheer Extreme Maryland Shade 108.6, 10 Core Athletix Black Diamonds 106.6, 1 Cheer Athletics Plano LADYCATS 125.1, 3 The Stingray All Stars Cobalt 115.4, 4 ACE Cheer Company Huntsville Lady Birds 113.4, 1 Cheer Athletics Plano CREWCATS 138.55, 3 Arizona Element Elite Vibranium 126.65, 1 FAME All Stars Midlo Super Seniors 132.5, 2 Rockstar Cheer Pittsburgh Supermodels 121.45, 3 Cheer Athletics Pittsburgh PlatinumCats 117.1, 4 The Stingray All Stars Lavender 114.4, 7 Rockstar Cheer Carolina Metallica 82.15, 1 The California All Stars Livermore Ghost Recon 135, 3 Prodigy All Stars Blacklight 129.45, 4 Cheer Extreme Raleigh Cougar Coed 127.25, 5 Cheer Athletics Plano SWOOSHCATS 125.5, 7 University Cheer Force Category 6 118.15, 8 San Antonio Spirit Team Smoke 116.3, 9 Woodlands Elite OR Seal Team 6 114.35, 1 Cheer Athletics Charlotte RoyalCats 130.4, 3 Stars Vipers San Antonio Anacondas 127.6, 5 Cheer Extreme Raleigh XKO Knockout 115.75, 6 Power House All Stars Legendary 109.75, 7 Cheer Force Arkansas Nighthawks 101.5, 9 Rockstar Cheer Atlanta Grateful Dead 90.25, 1 Cheer Central Suns Lady Aurora 127.5, 2 The California All Stars- San Marcos Sparkle 126.75, 4 Cheer Athletics Plano SCRATCH6 113.9, 7 Woodlands Elite OR G I Janes 105.8, 9 Cheer Athletics Charlotte QueenCats 103.4, 11 Maryland Twisters Virginia Thin Ice 99.55, 12 Cheer Extreme Maryland Gossip Girls 92.05, 15 NJ Premier All Stars Notorious 86.95, 3 Cheer Extreme Raleigh Code Black 126.15, 7 Cheer Athletics Plano PHANTOMCATS 113.8, 8 Twist & Shout Tulsa Adam & Eve 112.5, 13 US Cheer Rebels Revive Rebels 108.2, 15 Cheer Athletics Austin Kryptonite 102.2, 17 Rockstar Cheer New Jersey Jagged Edge 99.05, 18 Rockstar Cheer Pittsburgh Legends 98.8, 2 The California All Stars Camarillo Reckless 125.7, 3 Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Royal Court 118.75, 2 The California All Stars- San Marcos Rangers 126.3. Don't miss the most anticipated event on the Cheerleading calendar. Everything you need to know to watch The Cheerleading & Dance Worlds 2021 LIVE May 6-10th on FloCheer. How Finland became a cheerleading powerhouse, Podcast: Cheerleading, England, and the chemotherapy nurse. Each year, the Pop Warner National Cheer & Dance Championships feature more than 500 of the nation's top youth cheerleading and dance teams. Please note: There is a 25 person/ticket maximum on managing/linking per unique My Disney Experience account. Dick's Exclusive 20% OFF Shop Event! The same group that brought you The Open Championship Series and changed the way we compete is now offering a new, exciting, and very exclusive opportunity for the World's top teams on May 3-5, 2021, at Universal Orlando Resort in Florida! CLICK HERE to book your Mears Direct Connect Transportation! Check it out! January 15, 2023 - AmeriCheer Buckeye Open Nationals | Columbus, OH PAID ONE BID February 4, 2023 - Winter Open Nationals | Columbus, OH PARTIAL PAID ONE BID March 18-19, 2023 - InterNational Championship | Orlando, FL PAID ONE BID April 1, 2023 - Beach Bash Open Nationals | Myrtle Beach, SC PAID ONE BID April 15, 2023 National Cheer and Dance Hall of Fame Bowl | Canton, OH PAID ONE BID If you have questions about Stay Smart please e-mail For Registration Questions or Issues please contact: The ONE Finals is NOT a Stay to Play company. FYFCL sends our condolences to the family of former East Orange Thunder player - Nick Miner October 24, 2022. Registration is NOW OPEN Please click the appropriate button below to take you to the registration process: For Coaches/Teams For Family/Fans For Non-US Teams The Cheerleading Worlds April 21-24, 2023 ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex This prestigious event will be held on April 24-26, 2021 at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. "867", "902", "905" The Dance Summit Championship is the premier end-of-season competition for youth, junior and senior all star dancers across the world. 9800 International Drive FCDA serves thousands of competitive cheerleaders, dancers, coaches and parents! UCA College Nationals | January 13-15, 2023 at the Walt Disney World Resort. Call or Text (239)-596-6000 HOME Competitions Rules Contact Log In 2023 Schedule. The Cheerleading Worlds 2021 Semi-Finals Round takes place on Sunday, May 9th and Monday, May 10th, depending on the division. The event is presented by the U.S. All Star Federation, the governing authority in the sport of All Star cheer. UCA IASC | March 12-13, 2022 at the Walt Disney World Resort. . All Out Championships welcomes you and your team to the The All Out Nationals! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); 2022 CheerTheory, LLC - All Rights Reserved, The Cheerleading Worlds 2022 Final Results, The D2 Summit 2021 Wild Card Round Results, The D2 Summit 2021 Finals Round Results, The Cheerleading Worlds 2021 Semi-Finals Results, The D2 Summit 2021 Semi-Finals Round Results, CheerTheorys 2021 Gym Ranking Based on Cheerleading Worlds Titles, The Cheerleading Worlds 2021 Final Results, 12 Team Illinois Cheer PINK ENVY 115.25, 13 East Celebrity Elite Bomb Squad 115.1, 15 South Jersey Storm Lady Reign 113.95, 16 Fusion All Stars Bomb Squad 112.85, 19 Cheer Florida All Stars Sea Warriors 111.4, 20 Dynasty Athletics Lady Icons 109.65, 21 Revolution Athletics Revolution 109.25, 24 Upper Merion All Stars Crush 104.6, 25 Zone Cheer All-Stars Lady Liberty 103.6, 33 Nor Cal Elite All Stars Sacramento MEDUSA 90.95, 11 Midwest Cheer Elite-Columbus Coed Couture 115.95, 12 East Celebrity Elite CT ECE CT FAME 115.7, 15 World Class Athletics PCB Black Diamonds 113.55, 16 Cheer Central Suns NM Eclipse 113.35, 17 Bluegrass Athletics Code Blue 113.1, 18 CNY Storm All Stars Warning 112.85, 20 Flipping Out Tumbling Double or Nothing 109.05, 25 Gravity Cheer Gravity Cheer Eclipse 94.55, 13 Victory Vipers Black Diamonds 108.7, 13 Upper Merion All Stars Midnight 108.7, 15 Cheer Extreme Chicago Love & Light 105.6, 18 FAME All Stars Yorktown Finale 98.65, 21 Tumble World Kings and Queens 95.25. Pricing Information After opening the link, click on More Info to the right of the event. Orange County Convention Center. Parking is available in the lot directly behind the West Concourse Building. Please continue to check back as more information will be posted in the weeks leading up to the event! All Out Championships has camps and competitions throughout the country. Join more than 10.000 athletes from 500 teams coming from all around the world to compete for the world title and get ready for impressive performances full of emotion. To enter a Theme Park, both a reservation and valid admission for the same Park on the same date are required. February 3-5, 2023. "NT": "Northwest Territories", Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 2022 | 2021 | 2019 | 2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015 | 2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 . For more information on the Cheerleading Worlds, please go to. ; It is our hope that with spring dates and an open format, we will be able to create an . International Cheer Union. With the new Disney Theme Park Reservation System and park capacity limitations, its important to lock in your visit as soon as possible. Please bring the following items to registration: USASF Compliance Cover Sheet (All Star) or USA Cheer Proof of Membership (Rec), Waiver Forms PER ATHLETE & PER COACH (School & Rec), Proof of music license (All performances). Iowa Elite Cheer CR: Skulls: 99: L4 Senior - Small - Finals: 1: 99: 0: Cheer Athletics - Plano: Icecats: 99: Travel Tips Be prepared for your trip to the magical Walt Disney World Resort: CLICK HERE for more information regarding divisions, rules and scoring. There's the answer. We also provide freedom and choices. It will then expand to show the Beast of the East pricing. MEARS Direct Connect will be offering a 10% discount to those attending Varsity Spirit events for transportation from the Orlando International Airport. All Out Championships is NEVER a Stay-to-Play! Top 5 placing teams will receive a bid to the One in addition to paid bids at most events! This year's event will be held in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Convention center on February 3-5, 2023. By proceeding, you agree and understand that ESPN Wide World of Sports is not responsible for the site you are about to access. December 2021 National Cheer & Dance Championships 5 - December 10, 2021 Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida JUDGES and EVENT SPOTTERS: The Judges' Area will be directly in front of your team during their Latest News & Varsity TV Events . "NL": "Newfoundland and Labrador", Sunday, May 9th, 2021. International Global 6. International Global Coed 6. International Open 6. International Open 7. International Open Non-Tumbling 6. International Open Non-Tumbling Coed 6. International Open Small Coed 6. International Open Small Coed 7. World's Bids: All Out Championships is proud to offer 4 Paid and 12 At Large bids to the USASF Cheerleading Worlds! "AB": "Alberta", Virtual Divisions To Be Included In 2021. Click here to join! The Summit 2021 Finals Round takes place Sunday, May 2, 2021. . Orange County Convention Center West Hall9800 Universal BlvdOrlando, FL 32819. THE ONE elements and all related indicia TM & 2015 THE ONE Cheer and Dance Finals. Worlds Bids:All Out Championships is proud to offer 4 Paid and 12 At Large bids to the USASF Cheerleading Worlds! TOUR COST, RESERVATIONS & PAYMENTS: The total number accepted for the tour is limited.Completed reservation application and $200.00 (non-refundable) per person deposit MUST BE RECEIVED IN THE VARSITY SPIRIT LLC OFFICE on or before the dates listed below: (This deposit is credited towards your total cost.) Today, Pop Warner announced that they would be moving their massive Cheer and Dance, and Football competitions away from Walt Disney World and to Universal Orlando - all due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that Disney is playing host to "bubble" events for major sporting leagues. Each team expressly waives any legal, equitable, administrative or procedural review of such decisions. If asked for AVIS Proof of Company Association. The D2 Summit celebrates Division II all star programs with less than 125 athletes, bringing together teams from across the country to compete head-to-head for this prestigious end-of-season title. 2023 Championship Information. CHECK PAYMENT - All check payments must be received 3 weeks PRIOR to your event. CLICK HERE for the most up-to-date information on Orlando restaurants and attraction ticket discounts, shopping options, health & safety updates, maps & more! Is U.S.A's cheerleading dominance coming to an end? DECEMBER 3, 2022. JAMZ has 20+ years of experience, understanding exactly how to help your team or program succeed on and off the stage. MEMPHIS, Tenn., May 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Varsity Spirit - the global leader in cheerleading, dance team and band apparel, camps and competitions, and a division of . Walt Disney World Theme Park Reservations: To help manage park capacity, the Walt Disney World Resort has introduced the Disney Park Pass service, a new Theme Park reservation system. Orlando, FL. "204", "250", "289", "306", "403", Fees are solely at the discretion of the OCCC. Here's what Pop Warner had to say about the news . Pop Warner's annual Super Bowl and National Cheer and Dance Championships have been held in Orlando for 25 years. In addition to opening registration for our in-person 2021 National High School Cheerleading Championship April 23-25th at the Walt Disney World Resort, we are excited to be able to offer Virtual Divisions for those teams who are unable to join us in Orlando. All Out Championships is proud to bring cheerleading and dance competitions to a city near you! With so much to do and see and just being 10 minutes from all of the major attractions, The ONE Finals Southeast is the place to take the next step to being THE ONE! There is no additional credit card fee for making payment via credit card through the RegChamp system. Fierce 97.5, 9 New York Icons Rochester Lady Legends 96.65, 10 East Celebrity Elite Hingham Ice Queens 96.05, 2 The Stingray All Stars Moonlight 97.75, 3 Cheer Extreme Raleigh Angels 96.15, 2 Power House All Stars Invincible 98.3, 3 Arizona Element Elite Black Gold 97.4, 6 Golden Elite All Stars Black Diamond 95.4, 7 Rogue Athletics SFV BombSquad 95.3, 1 Cheer Athletics Plano Furycats 96.95, 1 Cheer Florida All Stars Electra 98.3, 6 Stars Vipers San Antonio Diamondbacks 97.6, 7 Rockstar Cheer Pittsburgh Jackson 5 97.55, 9 Rockstar Cheer New Jersey City Girls 97.3, 11 Legends Cheer Academy II Royals 96.7, 12 Cheer Extreme Chicago Ledivas 96.05, 13 Woodlands Elite Katy Jr. Ops 95.55, 1 The California All Stars Las Vegas J-Spades 98.7, 4 FAME All Stars Midlo Thee J-Fly 94.95, 5 East Celebrity Elite Central J-HONEY 94.5, 3 Macs Allstar Cheer MACS JUNIOR STARZ 97.6, 4 CheerVille Athletics AT Vendetta 97.3, 6 Central Jersey All Stars Gunsmoke 97.05, 9 Indiana Ultimate- Fort Wayne Electric Shock 93.8, 4 The California All Stars- San Marcos CoverGirls 96.75, 1 Elite Cheer Elite Cheer Odyssey 98.2, 4 CheerVille Athletics HV Queen of Hearts 97.05, 8 New Jersey Spirit Explosion X5 96.15, 10 Premier Athletics Knoxville West Great White Sharks 94.8, 5 Cheer Athletics Columbus AlphaCats 95.85, 6 Premier Athletics Nashville Recon 94.95, 1 GymTyme Illinois GymTyme Illinois Twist 99.3, 2 Cheer Athletics Charlotte ReignCats 98, 4 Rockstar Cheer Atlanta South Click5 96.7, 6 Stars Vipers San Antonio Royal Cobras 96.4, 7 Rockstar Cheer Atlanta The Who 96.35, 10 Cheer Extreme Richmond Smoke 91.9, 1 Spotlight Studios North Star Orion 96.6, 2 New Jersey Spirit Explosion JFAB 97.4, 1 Cheer Athletics Charlotte Junior Royalty 98.4, 3 Twist & Shout Tulsa Descendants 98.1, 4 Woodlands Elite OR Colonels 97.45, 4 GymTyme Illinois GymTyme Illinois Karma 97.45, 7 The California All Stars- San Marcos Junior Mafia 95.65. Please visit for more bid information. RT Productions will be providing action shots of your team throughout the weekend. The best of the best level 1-6 Junior and Senior teams will head to Orlando to compete at the last and most prestigious cheerleading competition of the season. If the first park you would like to attend reaches capacity, you can make a reservation for another park and then hop to your top choice after 2PM that day. May 04, 2021, 16:15 ET. Judges decisions will be final and will not be subject for review after awards have been given. Skip to content. "WV":"West Virginia","WI":"Wisconsin","WY":"Wyoming" Please see the Rules and Regulations button to review. Event Contacts Event producers of premier championships sponsor their best teams to compete at these international competitions. The following staff members can assist your program with this event. All cheer teams will compete on Saturday, December 10th, 2022. Join more than 10.000 athletes from 500 teams coming from all around the world to compete for the world title and get ready for impressive performances full of emotion. Teams must advance from Friday's Wild Card Round or Saturday's Semi-Finals Round. In order to make your Theme Park reservations, you will need a My Disney Experiences account and valid Theme Park admission linked to it. impact force of a dropped object chart,