All rights reserved, Leo Ascendant (1st House) - Aquarius Descendant (7th House), North Node in Taurus / South Node in Scorpio, Non Copyrighted Music and the Rise of Community Culture, Are you interested in a personal reading? As Aquarius is a cordial indication of Mercury, it shows the much better correspondence between accomplices. As Sun in the 4th house can create problems in the health of the mother. This is why time and place are so important. If you have Gemini in the Seventh House, be prepared for lots of fun, friendship and a good conversation or two. Leo is basically education with fun. On Earth, we are one multispecies family. How do I make decisions about planning my life in the future. Leo risings also have Taurus in the tenth house. These natives are humanitarian in their connections with others, so many know them as altruistic. Also, since Saturn is a slow-moving planet, it shows that your marriage might come later in life, after your 30s. #Vegan. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which explains its bold influence, and it also marks the start of the . How kids success is dependant on their parents character in Vedic Astrology? They will want you to have a pleasant appearance and they will want to offer you the same. Here the native can take the full benefits of the planet Sun by wearing the Gemstone of Sun, which is the Ruby Gemstone. There are four of them, the Midheaven, the IC, the ascendant, and the descendant. And Leo rising doesnt just want to give to one other person or a few other people. Things have to happen the way they want them to, or they can leave. Saturn enters your community and friendship zone on the 7th kicking off a three-year period that will make it hard to maintain flimsy connections. You can also buy a software called Sirius that works on your personal computer. It may bring in happiness, love, attachment in their life. Thanks for joining! As said before, they want to be friends with their lover and their individuality or freedom to remain untouched. Sun in the 7th house for Leo Ascendant is a great position for Sun to be in as Sun is in the sign of Aquarius. Composite Uranus in the 7th House With Composite Uranus in the 7th house, this is the house ruling relationships, so this can bring instability into the relationship itself, and you may view one another as erratic. While, many Leo people ultimately do business so that they dont have to work under somebody. If you are a Leo rising, with your Ascendant landing in the sign of the lion, it means that your "opposite" will be your Descendant sign, Aquarius. While, they may posses psychic powers and 6th sense. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. Now when the sign of Leo falls on the 7th house it means Aquarius ascendant people are quite romantic when it comes to relationship as 7th house is the house of relationships and Leo is a sign of love and romance. They are extremely generous, warm, attentive and will come out to defend you to the last consequences when you suffer an injustice. Meaning of seeing humming birds in dreams, Harassment Dream Meaning & Interpretation, Best Soulmates for Pisces | Pisces Compatibility. 4th house has Taurus sign and lord is Venus. The 1st and 7th houses are the rising and setting degree, 'dawn and dusk'? Capricorn ascendant in the first and 10th house. They can feel complete as soon as they realize that theyre wild and strange people who are attracted to others that are just like them. The native will earn most of his wealth though his self-efforts, education and his own intelligence and experience. In addition to the zodiac sign that your planet is in, there is also an associated house and zodiac sign. So this placement could also bring multiple marriages or there could be love affairs. Each planet has a zodiac sign that it rules and a zodiac sign that it falls into when you are born. People influenced by this sign are seeing relationships as something evil because they dont like having their philosophy of life and freedom threatened. If you have more than one zodiac sign that your Seventh House is nestled in, then you might have more than one relationship partner. Whatever zodiac sign you have there can indicate the type of person you're attracted to and who you are most likely to marry. 7th house is the house of marriage, legal partnership, business related career and also house of others. Zodiac Signs: 12 Personalities | Traits, Meaning & Dates, What are Placements in Astrology? They can easily observe human nature and dont have any pretention, not to mention theyre never looking to sway their loved ones. Case 2: If 7th lord, Sun, is placed in the sign of Aquarius in the 1st house then your spouse (as 7th house represents spouse) will always be on your head and he/she will always be pushing you for something which you will not like to do. He retaliates in a strong and aggressive manner. According to astrology, each individual makes a soul contract with the universe and decides on their specific time of birth. As Sun from the 5th house directly aspects the 11th house of wealth and earnings and here, the native will always have ways or sources of income coming into his life. We are not interested in battles. As said before, theyre looking to be with someone who has his or her individuality and is free. Your partner can be prone to jealousy and this will have to be worked out by both partners. Aquarius ascendant in the first house. An Aquarius ascendant could be the most powerful person to popularize a brand as they have control over the masses because they are very social people as I said before. More than this, their Leo can push them to be domineering, whereas the Aquarius is giving these people the philosophy of life in which theyre saying live and let others do too. Besides, they want someone to intellectually stimulate them. When the Aquarius is in the 7th House, Leo is in the 1st, so the natives of these placements are always carrying battles between their pride and what they need to do, especially about other people. Aquarius in the Seventh House is one of the most complicated placements for this sign because its making the Aquarius feel even more separated and detached than usually. The native is born intelligent and will have a very sharp mind. 5.Capricorn Ascendant: Venus lordship over the 5th & 10th house. The zodiac sign reveals your strengths and weaknesses. Your personal planets include Venus, Mars, Mercury, the Moon, and your Sun. Due to his, he will want others to follow him and treat him like a King. You might have seen the Amitabh Bachchan's KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) TV program and in this Quiz program, Amitabh Bachchan is having fun and also playing the Quiz while having one-to-one interaction with the contestants or participants and he is also an Aquarius Ascendant. Placed in 7th house. With this placement, many Aquarius natives could also spread higher knowledge through the internet via websites and youtube videos as all these are also part of the 11th house of networking and Sagittarius is a sign of higher knowledge, religion, law, government policies and regulations, philosophy, environment, nature, plants, animals, etc. Leo risings can protect themselves by giving off an air that reads I dont really need you and Im strong enough to exist without you. Leo is about projecting strength. A fifth house ruled by Jupiter is a fifth house that wants to experiment and play. Being a good provider is more important to you than the romantic elements, although you do have a quiet love of sentimentality. The native will become a natural businessman or a wealthy person, while he will benefit from the government. 7 Types You Need to Know, Astrology Birth Chart Lines: 3 powerful lines you need to master, Pisces Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Aquarius Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Capricorn Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Sagittarius Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Scorpio Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Libra Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Virgo Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Leo Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Cancer Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Gemini Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Taurus Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner, Aries Descendant: Your Ideal Romantic Partner. Know when your website traffic will increase from Vedic Astrology. In finance, you may need to emphasize monetary planning and long-term security. The Sun in Libra Sign in the 3rd house indicates that the native may be bold and fearless. pisces is their 2nd house, and its lord jupiter is in leo, the 7th house. However, Sun being in the 6th house also creates a Shatru Hanta Yoga where the native gains victory over his enemies and his enemies wont be able to destroy the native. You not only will attract a spouse who is a reflection of home, but you'll desire a partner who is loving and nurturing, too. The birth chart is a map of our essential geometry, full of potential. While, the native will have to struggle in life in order to survive. The native pursues daily occupation diligently. They love being eccentric, but this doesnt mean they arent scared others may not appreciate them for their weirdness. You may be able to build a good image . These are all reasons for them to have their marriage falling apart. Staying away from Non-vegetarian food and meat. 1. What is the meaning of Leo sign on the 8th house? 1March 2023. The native child may be delayed in his life else, his children will not listen to the native. This is also why they dont want to get married too fast. 1st house has Aquarius sign and lord is Saturn. Its okay for them to be aware of what others are feeling, but if being judgmental, they can no longer express themselves properly. Can Saturn in the sign of Capricorn in 4th house make you a teacher? They are also some of the most dharmic and religious people in the world. This began on January 18, 2022, and will continue for 18 months until July 19, 2023. Today, in this article, well look at Sun in all 12 houses for Leo ascendant. Hence, in houses 4, 5, and 7, Sun can be very problematic as these houses are related to the soft things in life, like our mother, marriage and children. The 2nd house is the house of speech, family, eyes, and eating habits and one thing to note here is that, Sun being in the 2nd house, will make the speaking or talking style of the native bold and influential. No one is able to transform the world on their own. This also shows that Cancer ascendant people are morally correct because having fun with an opposite partner even after marriage is morally not correct but Aquarius ascendant people will not understand this as they have the Leo sign on their 7th house and so they behave accordingly. Manage Settings You will fall in and out of love with your marriage partner, but with time, you find that perfect balance. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Also, if something is fun for you then mostly you will do that only throughout your life as having fun is dosage for happiness but then it may not be good for your married life as you cannot have fun with every girl or boy you meet with. * It denotes advisable s. In areas not concerning romance, this individual enjoys eccentric friendships and people who bring a new perspective to their life. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, so you'll likely meet someone who either has the personality traits of the twins. 8. Discover your inner treasure. He will earn most of his wealth though his own self-efforts and hardwork as Sun is the lord of the 1st house, indicates that the native will also be very hardworking. Leo risings can protect themselves by giving off an air that reads "I don't really need you" and "I'm strong enough to exist without you." Leo is about projecting strength. So, the Leo native will be very creative and romantic. Here, the native will also have a very long life. The Daily Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign For March 4, 2023, What It Means When Your Sun And Rising Signs Are The Same, 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On March 4, 2023. struggle to keep both feet on the ground. This is not because Leo rising is doing anything wrong but because the changes that they want to see are so big that it is not possible to move unless everyone is on board. ie the energies represented by Saturn are more easily expressed in Aquarius. And everyone gets a boost of confidence once Aries season begins on Monday, March 20. By wearing the Ruby Gemstone, one will experience growth in the financial condition of the native and he will start to see improvements in wealth, career and his professional life. They dont need work that feels superficial. On the face of the native, he or she could have a magnetic glow. If your Seventh House of Marriage falls into the sign of Aquarius, you might marry someone from another culture. . This is also because Aquarius deals more with matters of the mind and isnt emotional. a ch H Lang District H Lang, Cao Bang S in thoi:. That is the reason you will find Aquarius people as the best marketers and so you should hire these people for all your marketing needs as they can do this job in a much better way as they find it fun to interact with different people and that is what it is needed to popularize a business brand or anything else that needs to be brought in the limelight (as Leo also means limelight). If you have your Seventh House of Marriage in the sign of Virgo, you are picky when it comes to who you will marry. If the Moon is strong in their birth chart, the Seventh House can help them have an exciting life filled with beauty. Then native can become really successful if he does government jobs or works at the government. In this type of marriage situation, there can be times when you feel a bit out of reach to your future mate. Future marriage partner: Gemini or Sagittarius. They want to find new aesthetics and pleasures that dont exist yet. His voice is strong, yet it is also attractive to the masses. Meaning of Aquarius Ascendant. 2023byTango Publishing Corporation All Rights Reserved. You can get lost when it comes to love. Sometimes, what this can mean is that Leo rising becomes a person who gives their time and energy in a way that people usually do when they feel stable themselves even when Leo rising does not feel stable themselves. In other words, they are very active in making relationships as they enjoy making . However, Sun enlightens the house and grows the house that it aspects. At times you may perceive your partner to be overly critical of you. But still, a lot will depend on the position of Mars, ruler of Aries or 3rd house, in the birth chart. The 7th lord Saturn in 8th house for Cancer Ascendant means that you want a mature, older partner. Native get happiness and peace with Mars in the 7th house for Leo Ascendant. As if we align our bodily energies in accordance with the Sunrise and Sunset patterns of the Sun, Sun naturally becomes stronger and starts giving good results. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Monthly Horoscope For March 2023. 23/04/2017 Jessica Davidson. The natives father will also benefit from him and Sun in the 9th house will make the Bhagya of the person very strong. It will bring about the death of the elder sister. They can suppress their enemies and opponents. You also want to be with someone who has an ability to care for others and you enjoy being cared for. The presence of the Saturn in. Surya Beej Mantra Chanting the Surya Beej Mantra everyday for 108 times, along with the remedies mentioned above also strengths your planet Sun. 1st Lord Sun in Seventh House. This is how they feel that they have found an equal. People born with Aquarius in the Seventh house know how to trust and to have respect for their partner, not to mention theyre more like very good friends than just lovers with their partners. However, players of musical instruments can also be seen from this placement of Sun in the sign of Capricorn especially if Sun is placed in the Nakshatra of Dhanistha as this Nakshatra is more about music. . You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. The sun enters fellow fire sign Aries and your 9th House of Philosophy on Monday, March 20. The 7th House Descendant Leo is the zodiac sign that appears on the cusp of the 7th House in a birth chart, indicating the qualities a person seeks in their committed partnerships. The sign of our Ascendant describes the way we express ourselves when we go out into the world. It's very interesting. (Mooltrikon is an . He might be having ego issues with his siblings while He can face conflict with one of his siblings. Since Venus is the goddess of love, it makes sense that you want to pay attention to where she is on your natal chart. you are drawn to partners with power and passion. Your report will help you to know who you will be best attracted to, how you communicate the best, and more about how you like to be loved and what you are looking for in a partner. I feel like an air plant and I want to be committed to a practice but I feel like I forget what I am doing all of the time. These people need confident partners who don't take things too personally, and have to . Which is also the reason why millions of people offer water to the Sun God in the rivers of Ganges. As well, its possible for them to be many times surprised and for their emotions to have some sparks from time to time, making their romantic life more joyful. He is a hard worker with strong leadership abilities. The owner of the fifth house, Venus, is also the owner of the twelfth house. Half in the dark half in the light. Leo Rising Sign/Aquarius Descendant Sign. The problem is an Aquarius ascendant person will never hesitate to make relationships or have fun with other opposite partners even if they are married as they find fun in doing that while the Cancer ascendant person doesn't find any fun in making relationship outside their marriage. Called the Descendant or DC for short, it's along an axis with the 1st house (the house of the self) and is the house of others (personal, business, and enemies). The placement of Ketu in the 7th house will make both positive and negative influences on natives. This exhibits someone who gets into education of technical and scientific research and desires to take it to the community for the common good. Leo General. But with this placement, the native could marry a person after having love and romance with him/her as the 5th house is also the house of love and romance. Your marriage partner could be someone who struggles with a health issue early in life and you will have to be that person's primary source of comfort. They may be larger than life and might be another couple that argues in publicand then makes up on the park bench with abandon. He might be suffering from stomach issues. This means that the placement of Sun becomes very important for Leo ascendants as it is directly associated with the self. . After all, if a Leo ascendant speaks to you, it must be that you have something special. This is because Gemini is a sign of communication and Sun represents fun and so it becomes fun through communication. How to interpret Mars for predictions in Vedic Astrology? You are often expected to rely on your charm and good looks to advance in life. The individual will acquire land, fame and recognition after marriage. Accordingly, with the power of this fortunate planetary combination, it creates a very smart, wise, and intelligent person who applies its intellect to achieving peace, balance, and harmony. They might have some kind of idealized figure who seems incredibly capable and constantly measure themselves up against that person or idea. So this is also it means (having fun in one-to-one interaction) when the sign of Leo falls on the 7th house for an Aquarius ascendant. Receive in your inbox news on major transits, new articles, videos, courses, offers, and more! If it is Leo Ascendant, then, at that point, Mercury rules the second and eleventh house and sits in the seventh house in Aquarius. So, have fun and explore your birth chart for love! Answer (1 of 6): Rahu, a dire malefic gives the results of lord of the house he occupies. If you have the Seventh House of Marriage in the sign of Leo you will attract a partner who gives as much respect as they give. Those of them who are married may want to know everything about their spouse, which can be annoying for some. Leo Ascendant House Lords, Singh Lagna analysis with their house lords. They will have talent. Your . While it is true that Leo Ascendant may be attracted to individuals with a strong Aquarius in their natal charts, it is not necessarily indispensable. Answer (1 of 5): Ascendant lord Sun's placement in his arch enemy Saturn's 7th house does not augur well for the significations of the 7th house or for a largely troublefree life, although the 7th house kendra may give the native a good deal of strength and prosperity to face the challenges of ev. However, this may seem on the surface, deep down inside you long for strong connection and want to marry your best friend. Can 4th lord Sun in 9th house get you a government job? We use Google Fonts in this site to make your visit more enjoyable. No one should expect of them to be single-minded because their mind seems to be on different planes of knowledge. I'm discovering so much every day. Sun here will provide all the prosperity, growth, fate, wealth and fortune for the native. My website: http://www.astrologykrs.commy Clothing line: consultation- If you are a regular reader of this site plz donate something here. Best worn for professional success and improving ones financial status and condition. Accordingly, you will have your own unique or special ways of doing this. With the potential to influence the authorities, his speech may have a magnetic power. . Offering Lotus flowers to Lord Ganesh for 1 or 21 days. example aquarius ascendant. When Rahu is most negative in a birth chart? Aquariuses want to live in a higher plane of existence, yet they need to be part of life as well. Leo gives space to others, so those with whom he interacts can express their own individualities without restrictions. It is not a good . However, if Sun is weakly positioned in the 12th house, that is if Sun is with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu or aspected by these planets, then the native will have to face court cases, expenses on hospitals and money wasted on court. Theyre usually the good friends of their partners, which can cause some troubles in their marriage. If you do so to an extreme, your partner may seem to never measure up to the ideal you have in mind. Sun here will give amazing results in terms of wealth, and will make the native wealthy and rich in his lifetime. You can find free astrological software programs online. Leo rising can be a person who seems like theyre thriving even when theyre not. Leo risings are not institutional people but they are political people. Aquarius is my SUN. Individuals born with Leo in the Seventh House have a powerful influence through their personality, so their connections with others are usually dominated by them. He does not put up with dissent. Saturn in the 8th house doesn't break the marriage since it is a slow-moving planet, and as such, it prolongs and gives a long-lasting vibe. You enjoy dynamic interaction and the close intimacy of conversation but at times you like your space, too. People born with Aquarius in 7th House love being with wise people who have many ideas. You will make new connections which will benefit you in professional growth. When you are thinking of the perfect marriage partner, look no further than your zodiac sign and the Seventh House. Because of the short-tempered and aggressive personality of the native, he/she may get into trouble and have to face court cases in his life. The native gets good scope and opportunities in working for the government, while, the native can also become a very successful government official or a politician. While, they may or may not know themselves but Leo people are very disciplined and this comes from the energy of the planet Sun. MARCH 2023. Those of them who are highly developed can see whats going to happen in the future, especially when they decide to let go of the past. If your Seventh House of Marriage is in the sign of Capricorn, you are a guarded person. While, the native can also face disputes with his father. If your Seventh House is in the sign of Scorpio, you are drawn to partners with power and passion. He might be suffering from a gastrointestinal issue. What Virgo sign on 2nd house mean for a Leo Ascendant? When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information through your browser, usually in the form of cookies. Thus we achieve personal satisfaction (House 10 in Taurus). You will love a leader personality type. While Sun here can create disputes with the father of the native. 2023 Very often, especially in the early stages of our social life, this house shows the projection that we make on others about those qualities that we want to develop in ourselves. So there is discomfort, but not as traumatic as what is faced by the Cancer ascendant. The native can move to a foreign land or settle in foreign places. Sun is so important in Vedic astrology that our ancient Rishis said that even if all the planets in the birth chart are weak and Sun alone is strong, Sun can handle the entire load of the birth chart alone and give all the success, comforts and prosperity to the native. Case 7: If 7th lord, Sun, is placed in the sign of Cancer in the 6th house then this could bring a divorce as 6th house is 12th from the 7th house and anything 12th is a loss. A Leo descendant in the natal chart can also suggest that your partners are often people of good position. 7th house has Leo sign and lord is Sun. . Sun represents our image and Pisces is a sign of losses and so this could also bring loss of image to the native within the family (due to affairs or something else) as 2nd house is of family. While, they are born with amazing talent. This is why astrologers use completely different systems, based on all they know and trust. It is the Rudraksha that is a symbol of the Surya Dev or Sun God. Furthermore, The 5th lord in the 7th house is giving a direct aspect upon the 1st house or ascendant which influences the image of self of the native. Jupiter in 7th house For Leo ascendant. The Sun in the 7th House means that the native will be highly successful in his career.