Karev's decision to leave Seattle to take the fellowship offer at Hopkins led her to take his place on a plane that ended up crashing. At the beginning of the 2014-2015 residency year, Arizona decided to start a fetal surgery fellowship under Dr. Nicole Herman. Callie started to avoid her, but she was eventually cornered in the elevator. When Callie finds out she is furious she ends up kicking her out of the house. Arizona reached out to Nicole once when Nicole attended "Blind School," but Nicole didn't pick up or call back, leaving Arizona to give up trying to initiate contact. Because of brain tumor, Nicole is very harsh on Arizona, as she wants to teach Arizona years worth of fetal surgery knowledge within the six months she has left. She and Arizona went to a lounge, where they started fighting. she and Leah worked together on a girl with a broken femur, which required Callie consulting. She informed him that she thought they were all alive and then started laughing because she was in shock. As she gathered up the courage to ask Charlotte out, she was surprised when Charlotte introduced her to her girlfriend. Right before opening the door, Lauren told Arizona she was allowed to lose a little bit of control. Seasons After witnessing Sofia leave with a happy Callie and Penny, Arizona took to Lucinda Gamble herself to start a custody battle over Sofia as she refused to let Callie move across the country with her daughter. Children He urged her to think about Sofia, who was too important to do something that could not be undone. She went to a lounge, where she took of her prosthetic. Arizona blamed Callie that Callie's decision to cut off her leg made her unable to go the toilet on her own. Back in Seattle, Callie was dressed in sexy lingerie, waiting for Arizona to come home.[3]. While Bailey confessed to Callie that she may have pushed Arizona too hard, they saw her walking in the hallway. The cause of the crash has yet to be determined. She then said they went "everywhere." They combined their costumes, so Sofia dressed up as a space princess, which was the first thing they agreed on in months. She then gave him some remarks about the prosthetic and he told her he'd do something about it. Callie questioned how Arizona could cheat on her after everything they've survived, like the plane crash. When Arizona talked about her dating pool to Richard, she called them by their notable characteristics, such as "Artisanal Soap". They soon became very open with each other and discussed their relationship problems together, bonding them. Bailey said there was no need to snap, but Arizona found there was. During the surgery, Leah came in, ready to scrub in. She was stared at intensely by Callie's dad, as he found out she cheated on his daughter. She worked together with Alex Karev and Miranda Bailey on Jackson Prescott, a young boy dear to Bailey. After work, Callie came home where she saw Arizona having a little dance party with Sofia, and Arizona told her about her good day. When things sparked between Mark and Teddy, Arizona was again the one she confided in. Outside the room, Lauren and Arizona chatted for a while, and Arizona confessed that she googled Lauren too. What happened to Arizona Robbins? Eliza then answered, "That name attached to that face? She told him that she was fighting a losing battle. Arizona then put her flat shoe on her prosthetic foot and they left for the wedding, where they waited for Bailey. Dr. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) a.k.a. Appearances Two firefighters died Saturday after a aircraft they were in to respond to a wildfire crashed in Mohave County, Arizona, officials said. Callie thought she was trying to pick a fight and said that they both lost the baby. at the offer. Despite the fact that it was fun, she decided not to see the woman again because she was also kind of crazy. Arizona then jokingly said goodbye to her glass of wine. Arizona pondered the thought for a moment and ended up locking the door instead of opening it. She advised Arizona to follow therapy on her own for a while. She suggested that they do a ladies' night. Before going to the party, Arizona opened up to Leah, who was scared she got HIV after a patient bit her, about her first disease scare during her residency and she told Leah she didn't have to try to be easy peasy all the time. She didn't hear back from Bailey, she left an angry message, which was all part of Bailey's plan. Leah says she knows she's not supposed to sleep over and apologizes, but Arizona says it's okay. Ann was her favorite scrub nurse until she was laid off as part of the pre-merger cutbacks. WebHow did Arizona Robbins die? Following her request to go to Callie, she and the others were sedated and put on a plane to Seattle, where Callie started taking care of the infected leg. "How the hell am I supposed to snap out of this when you cut off my leg?" Arizona said she'd taken a few days off after Karin Taylor's death. They started flirting somewhat, until Jackson entered the scrub room too. Before walking away, she told Arizona she hoped she'd see her around, charming Arizona. "I'm trying," she says. She was later chosen as Chief Resident for her 5th and final year of residency. That night, before joining Leah in the shower in her hotel room, Arizona carefully took off her necklace and carefully put it away in a box.[24]. Callie promised her that there was no way she was going to leave Arizona's side, and Arizona then proposed a good old fashioned junior high makeout. Penny then appeared. Arizona then locked the door, kissed Lauren again, and took off Lauren's lab coat.[15]. In the evening, Owen did finally manage to gather all the board members to plan a fundraising gala to help out the hospital financially. When Arizona decided she needed to move herself and Sofia back to New York, she ended things with Carina. When Eliza was in the elevator on her way to Bailey's office, Arizona walked by and asked if she needed help. However, Arizona solidified her stance when she was contacted by a New York school about Sofia's application. Arizona apologized, but Lauren made no big deal out of it and just took Arizona's coffee instead. How does Arizona Robbins die? Arizona refers to her patients as tiny humans and to their parents as tiny human makers. At the end of the day, Arizona witnessed Maggie finally coming clean about her relationship with Andrew. In series eight, Arizona boarded a flight to get to another hospital to perform surgery on conjoined twins. However, Bailey soon realized that Arizona is a competent doctor and grew closer to her after applying for a peds fellowship. Arizona decided they'd work it out and accepted him as her roommate. Arizona continued to think she did the right thing, but both Callie and Bailey told her she did wrong. That night, Arizona had a drink at Joe's bar, when Callie came in and told her that she was kicking Arizona out of the apartment right now, not even allowing her to pack up her stuff. She needed to pack up her things because she'd been fired. Arizona waved her over and Leah apologized to Arizona for having told them, but Arizona then said she was going to be very frank. Arizona tried to tell Callie who Lauren was (as her name was on the cup of coffee), but Callie was too occupied with trying to get through to Bailey, who had locked herself in her lab. However, Callie began to withdraw slightly and began to avoid Arizona. Furious at this, she took two bottles of champagne and met Arizona in the hospital storage closet where she was hiding to share a drink and talk. Alex Karev and Arizona Robbins started out with a rocky relationship when they first met. The two embark on a relationship, but when Torres' father, Carlos (Hctor Elizondo), learns of the relationship, he threatens to cut her off financially Arizona yelled at her for not checking her voicemail, where she left her a message. They called a sitter for Sofia and went to the dinner, where Callie celebrated that Arizona stood up for 5 hours and that they were all still alive. She used a difficult case to lure Arizona out of her apartment and to the hospital. Callie and Arizona were separated until after Callie's trial when Callie asked Arizona to move back in. They both often jointly spent several nights at the hospital, even going to great lengths as to steal the attendings' lounge sofa together, to continue working on Arizona's crash course. Later, Amelia told her that all she could do to make it right was to wait and hope that April would eventually forgive her. Following the death of Dr. Jordan Kenley (John Sloman), Chief Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) replaces his head of pediatric surgery with Dr. Arizona Robbins, a graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She fell, but he caught her. During their flight, the back of the plane broke off and the plane crashed in the woods.[2]. Arizona Robbins survived a plane crash that resulted in the amputation of her leg. When Callie was pregnant Mark and Arizona took an interest in her health and started cooking and trying new recipes together.[72]. Arizona was slightly battered, but Callie (who'd taken off her seatbelt) flew through the windshield. Later that day, during the proposal when Matthew told April he felt a shock when he first saw her, Arizona and Lauren looked at each other. She looked right into Arizona's eyes and told her she was impressed. Finally, as she regained her strength and confidence when she learned to use her prosthetic. When Callie joined Arizona in surgery, she told her wife that it was a good thing for her, as the goal of the research was to get Arizona a leg that's as sensitive and responsive as the leg she lost. Arizona Robbins saw Karev as a promising peds surgeon who was dedicated despite his temper and personal issues and continued to maintain a good mentor-student relationship with him until the end of Alex's residency. Arizona tried to get support from Alex, but he initially didn't want to get mixed up in the matter. She is also on a first name basis with the Head of Pediatric Surgery at Johns Hopkins, as she studied under him during her residency. When she returned from Malawi, she asked Callie for a second chance. [28], Callie and Arizona decided to use a surrogate to try to have another child. Her reasons were metaphorical: she deals mostly with newborns at work; she does not want to deal with them in her personal life, but she claimed "[she is] super flattered. As they began to work together more frequently, they got closer and became less hostile towards each other. Jill Robbins My family of four visited Universal Orlando for one day and it cost us over $2,000. When Arizona came home after work, she found out that Callie took her clothes, Sofia, and some of Sofia's clothes. At the Emerald City Bar, she saw that Callie was upset and came to comfort her in the bathroom and kissed her. After a pause, Arizona said, "Marry me." Arizona said that if Callie wanted her to move out, she only had to ask, but Callie replied she didn't want to live in the apartment she shared with her cheating wife. He took a mirror out of a closet and placed it in between her legs, so she could visualize a leg that didn't hurt. Up until that day, she thought she'd screwed up the one great love of her life. Arizona asked her to take a step back and pointed out she never said yes to the plan. ", Arizona thought she found the first aid box, but Cristina was talking about her shoe. Arizona then went back into her hotel room, where she asked a naked Leah to get dressed and leave right now. While looking for spare batteries for the NICU machines, Arizona confessed to Alex that she cheated on Callie with "that woman out there" and that she felt horrible about it. Arizona thought she was going crazy, as she felt pain in a part of her that no longer existed, but Owen assured her phantom limb was a very real thing. Arizona explained that Callie was the one person she trusted most in her life, and she was the one who decided to cut off the leg. When Cristina Yang was put on her service she made Cristina attach a small toy bear, Mr. Bear, to her lab coat and made sure she knew that pediatric surgery was not general surgery in miniature and that Cristina had to like children. Her bright personality became darker after the plane crash, but over time, she found herself and her happiness again, albeit more serious than she used to be. He wished she could stay around a little longer, and Arizona quietly agreed. Arizona almost left and Lauren said, "Arizona, you are allowed to lose a little bit of control." She suggested that she take the next day off and take Sofia to find an adventure. When Arizona first worked with Bailey after her arrival at Seattle Grace Hospital, they butted heads when they disagreed over the treatment plan Arizona's predecessor had set for Jackson Prescott, which Bailey had supported. Arizona walked over to Bailey, and when she saw the chart, she came up with a possible diagnosis. WebPlot. Owen and Alana Cahill, the physician advisor, came in, and Arizona assured them she was fine. Arizona came to the scrub room to inform her that she had missed the appointment, and Callie apologized. They made plans for that night, but they were cancelled when one of Arizona's patients went into labor, but Arizona told Eliza that she looked for her around the hospital all the time and that the anticipation of waiting one more day wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. As Arizona was manually ventilating a baby, Lauren came over and told her that she wasn't going to leave things like this as she liked Arizona a lot. She then turned to Callie and suggested they have a second baby, as it would be nice to have something new and happy to think about. Does Jackson Avery die? Callie took the drawing and thanked Arizona for being there. She told Leah a similar story to reach out to her. Originally, Alex was on the plane to Boise to represent Arizona's department, but then Arizona heard that he had chosen to take the fellowship at Johns Hopkins instead of staying in Seattle to study under her. Arizona went to help April to get dressed up, and broke down in the dressing room. In the aftermath [49], Arizona met up with Callie, who was excited about moving to New York and shared school brochures of New York schools, for which they would need to apply if Sofia were to move to New York. She returned to Lauren and kissed her while she pulled off Lauren's lab coat. She then turns her back towards Callie again, while Callie left her alone.[5]. Arizona helped calm her worry. Lexie was crushed by a piece of the plane, severely injuring her pelvis, legs, and left arm. After being kicked out Callie and Arizona both agree couples therapy would be the best option. Shortly after the crash, Arizona was lying next to the front part of the wreckage and she kept on screaming until Cristina yelled at her to shut up. Arizona begged her wife to keep trying to fix their marriage, and after agreeing, they hugged each other for the first time in months. When Callie was sad because her research was failing, Arizona tried to get her to cheer up, but after some snapping, Callie just walked out on Arizona. After Bailey's visit with Sofia, Arizona realized her future was uncertain. Profession WebThe episode was originally broadcast on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in the United States on May 17, 2012. [26], Arizona and Callie continued to work on their marriage. At the end of the day, Arizona met Lauren again in the elevator, which was what Lauren had hoped for. Noah was diagnosed with a brain tumor and when Arizona tucked Sofia in that night, she cried because she realized she was so lucky to have a healthy, smart girl and she was sometimes too busy to understand that. And a shooting. [63], Eliza "ghosted" Arizona, not replying to her messages and moving out of her apartment without saying a word to Arizona about it. When Mark asked Teddy out, Teddy confided in Arizona, who suggested that Mark was like candy: eat it and forget about it. When she was growing up, she moved every 18 months due to her family's involvement in the military. She was top of her class and she was the chief resident in her fifth year at Johns Hopkins Hospital. [18], Arizona decided to look nice to get Callie back. Familial Information She assumed that Arizona's reluctance was related to her brother's death, but Arizona told her she simply liked her life the way it was. Later that day, Arizona met Alex in a supply room and they talked about her cheating. When Callie started talking about how great her girlfriend was and how they connected, Arizona asked her to dial down the enthusiasm a little and advised her to read the room before opening her mouth. Their relationship continued, but when Callie's father came to visit and discovered that she was dating a girl, he cut Callie off. Arizona asked April what she did to make Leah so nice to her, and then vaguely remembered that she may have brought Leah home with her the night of the gala. CurrentAttending Fetal SurgeonAttending Pediatric SurgeonFounderFormerBoard DirectorHead of Pediatric SurgeryHead of Fetal Surgery The next day, when Arizona found out that Carina was at the hospital doing research, she went to see her and Carina continued her flirting. They bonded over a shared experience of moving all the time as a kid. Prior to her left leg being amputated above the knee, she often wore wheeled sneakers at work. While April initially still refused to tell Jackson, she finally realized she needed to do it before he found out from someone else. [30] Arizona quickly learned that Dr. Herman had a brain tumor and had been given six months to live. Arizona described the sex the two of them had as pain-relieving. Back at the hospital, Owen found out the insurance company wasn't going to pay, because with Arizona having taken Alex's place on the plane, there were more attendings on the plane than are normally allowed. All of Me After completing her residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Arizona was hired as a surgical fellow at Seattle Grace Hospital's pediatric surgery department. Richard accompanied Arizona to a lesbian bar as her wingman and became her go-to person for dating troubles. Callie then revealed that she was pregnant and that Mark was the father. [35], Arizona had a moment of looking back on her life when she worked together with Alex on two equally sick twins and they had to decide which one would get the donor liver. She quickly discharged Charlotte and went to tell Richard that she crashed instead of flew. SweetheartThe In GuyArizona HuntMrs. Arizona confessed that she hadn't told Callie, as she wanted to be Callie's wife again after having been her patient for so long. They said their goodbyes and Arizona extended her arm for a handshake. Arizona snapped that a baby with his brain on his face wasn't elective and walked away. Arizona was then found crying in her car by Richard. She gets ready to leave, waking up Arizona, Arizona says that she doesn't have to leave. Bailey later realized that Arizona was "okay", which she also told the Chief, to whom she had earlier complained. McSteamy was involved in a deadly plane crash (with fellow surgeons Arizona Robbins, Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Marital At the hospital, Arizona and Callie found out they both made different costumes for Sofia. Two people who were helping to fight a wildfire in western Arizona died on Saturday when their plane crashed, the Bureau of Land Management said. While attending Meredith's baby shower, Arizona noted how glowy the pregnant Meredith looked. [33], After Alex moved out and sold the house back to Meredith, Arizona had to move out. Lauren then asked to get coffee before the surgery, but Arizona said she had other things to do. Without checking it first, she told him it was fine. She got a haircut and chose Callie's favorite red dress. Soon after, Arizona was inseminated. These episodes are Arizona-centric or are otherwise very informative about her life. The hospital was found negligent, and each of the survivors was granted 15 million dollars. [6], Arizona agreed to go to the hospital to fit a prosthetic, but only if no one knew about it, though Callie accidentally told Alex because she thought he had seen Arizona. Protect the things I love." Arizona replied not so many and asked Andrew to back her up, but then realized he was with his girlfriend every night. However, she developed some resentment towards Mark, which would come to a head after her and Callies car crash. When a new consultant was hired by Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to revamp their surgical residency program, Eliza made a loud entrance. The two of them had sex and accidentally exchanged scrub tops, which is how Callie noticed later that Arizona had cheated on her. First She also surprised Sofia with three different flavors of ice cream. Teddy did a little exam and found that the boy had cardiac asthma. Sofia Robbin Sloan TorresMiscarriage (with Callie) While Callie was putting on her pantyhose, Arizona noted that Callie had her wedding ring back on. Arizona didn't deny she was a cheater, and explained that she cheated because Lauren stared at her too, but in a different way. CurrentRobbins-Herman Center for Women's HealthFormerGrey Sloan Memorial HospitalSeattle Grace HospitalSeattle Grace Mercy West HospitalNamboze ClinicJohns Hopkins Hospital Arizona says. [46] As April continued to be mad, Arizona found herself in the middle of other people's situation again when Callie lied to Penny and told her that Arizona was not comfortable with her meeting Sofia. She noticed the skating made the kids feel at ease, too. Outside the room, Lauren asked Arizona to show her to an on-call room as she likes to stay close by in case anything happens the first night post-op. It led her to be patriotic as well as loyal and dedicated in her adult life, especially to her family. She booked them a room in the hotel where the wedding was organized, and they went there with some mac and cheese cupcakes from the buffet (for in case they worked up an appetite). Workplace [60], Eliza asked Arizona about how big her stove was, because she wanted to make Arizona pierogi. While walking to the ER, Arizona noticed Heather with the wheelchair and asked if she could help her, but Heather talked herself out of it with an excuse. Arizona then yelled back that Callie hadn't been on the plane and out there in the woods for days, even though she kept on acting like she had been. On day 30, they went back to the counselor together, where Arizona said that she needed Callie, her anchor. Arizona then asked if their relationship was just a fling and it had run its course and Callie told her that it probably was. Robbins has a romantic interest in orthopedic fifth-year resident Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and later goes on to kiss her. At the end of the day, Callie did show up at the therapist's office, but only to tell Arizona that she was not going to therapy with her yet. The relationship was threatened again when Callie got annoyed at Arizona for believing that George joining the army was awesome, but after hearing that Arizona's brother died in the war, she apologized. He then took a look at her left leg too and told her they needed her back in her department. We spent our money on four park-to-park tickets, four Express Passes, and food. Arizona blames Callie for making her decisions.